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21/07/2022 PUPDATE.

Beans our Bichon Frise & Fudge our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have given birth to a litter of Cavachons on the 7th of July. Pictures will be put on the website in a couple of weeks but if you are interested please get in touch.

We are a fully licensed dog breeder with over 48 years experience. Our facilities are inspected by governmental departments on a regular basis and we take great pride in excelling beyond the required standard. We are regulated that a bitch can only produce a litter no sooner than 12 month intervals as this is best practice for the bitches welfare, unlike home breeders/hobby breeder who have no regulation to adhere to and can produce 2 litters per year from the same bitch. 

We specialise in 4 Main breeds, Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Bichon Frise & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel along with cross breeds, We have a dedicated team looking after our dogs welfare on a daily basis.



With many years of experience and countless customers, you can rest assured that your future pet has received the attentiveness and care you would expect from a caring professional breeder who are dedicated in producing healthy & happy family pets. All our puppies are well handled and socialised. Both parents are available for viewing. All puppies are health checked by Market Hall Veterinary Group and Kennel Club registered (where applicable). Gwynmardene Kennels also insist on a contract agreement that the owners of any puppy must get it checked by a vet of their own choice.

All our puppies are bred from D.N.A tested parent. 6 in 1 vaccine carried out at 6 weeks, puppies on average available for collection at 8  to 9 weeks, Should customers request the puppy be fully vaccinated they will not be available for collection until 11 weeks of age (subject to additional charges). Worming carried out on a fortnightly basis from birth. We use Panacure and Stronghold as our preferred treatments.

PRA Clear – not just by DNA but each individual dog has been tested with a certificate, please note only one of the parents needs to be clear for the pups NOT to be affected. 

We Annually heart check all our  Dogs.



Gwynmardene Kennels was founded in 1973 by Gwynlais & Mary Phillips who still run the kennels along with their two daughters Angharad & Buddug. The kennels first started when Gwynlais purchased a block of 8 portable wooden kennels and runs. Gwynlais being a builder started constructing the kennels in 1978 which are made from cavity walls, insulated, heated and air conditioned. An exercise yard was also incorporated into the build. Since construction the kennels have undergone many modifications in order to maintain the high standard of care this family run business prides itself on.


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Llanboidy, Carmarthen SA34 0SE, UK

01994 448333

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Looking for a Home

F1 Cockapoo's

D.O.B 06/06/2022

Ready for collection from 01/08/2022. Blood line D.N.A test and copy of certificates will be provided. Will not suffer from Familial Nephropathy or PRA  (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). More pictures available on request. 

Boy, Blue Collar, ID 3492 £795.00


Looking for a Home

F1 Cockapoo's

D.O.B 01/07/2022

Ready for collection from 26/08/2022. Blood line D.N.A test and copy of certificates will be provided. Will not suffer from Familial Nephropathy or PRA  (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). More pictures available on request. 

Boy, Orange Collar, ID 1415 £1500.00

Boy, Yellow Collar, ID 2935 £1500.00

Boy, Pink Collar, ID 3009 £1500.00

Boy, Black Collar, ID 4280 £1500.00


Looking for a Home

F1 Cavachons

D.O.B 16/07/2022

Ready for collection from 10/09/2022. Blood line D.N.A test and copy of certificates will be provided. Will not suffer from Curly coat dry eye syndrome or Episodic falling. More pictures available on request.

Boy, Brown Collar, ID 1479 £1500.00

Boy, Red Collar, ID 1714 £1500.00 

Boy, Green Collar ID 2634 £1500.00 


Looking for a Home

F1 Cockapoo's

D.O.B 07/07/2022

Ready for collection from 01/09/2022. Blood line D.N.A test and copy of certificates will be provided. Will not suffer from Familial Nephropathy or PRA  (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). More pictures available on request.

Boy, Green Collar, ID 3181 £1250.00

Boy, Red Collar, ID 3322 £1250.00

Boy, White Collar, ID 3818 £1250.00

Boy. Yellow Collar, ID 4115 £1250.00




Olive arrived in my house a little over three weeks ago and had changed everything! The whole process of buying, viewing and collecting Olive couldn't have been easier and I was made to feel very comfortable and informed about every stage of the process.....even when I was being over demanding!
The day I collected Olive I was, of course, nervous but after a wonderfully informative and calming chat I left feeling totally prepared. I followed all of the advice given and three weeks in I couldn't be happier. Olive has settled so quickly, she is really quick to pick up new things from toilet training, meal times to sleeping through the night. Olive clearly had a good start to life as she is a calm and playful pup who loves a cuddle and attention. Since collecting Olive I have recommended Gwynmardene Kennels to anyone and everyone who will listen to me, I couldn't be happier or more in love with my little bear.

Lilli Murphey & Olive 20th August 2019


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